L.A. Times Daily – Aug 24 2016

L.A. Times Daily – Aug 24 2016

 __ helmet

2. West Indies volcano

3. Wall St. deal

4. Tweak some violin holders?

5. Tweak some ski parkas?

6. Tweak some church chimers?

7. Tweak some business outfits?

8. Trims, as a lawn

9. Transparent

10. Torch job

11. To boot

12. Three-part figs

13. Third deg.?

14. Tach nos

15. Switch on a boom box

16. Store door nos

17. Stadium ticket specification

18. Spot for a 48-Across

19. Some Parliament members

20. Smooth-talking

21. Slangy 'Sure'

22. Site of Napoleon's first exile

23. Short snooze

24. Shipping department supply

25. Scottish miss

26. Scientology guru Hubbard

27. Representatives

28. Reflection

29. Put one over on

30. Pulled off

31. Pre-coll. catchall

32. Portmanteau for a grown-up who hasn't yet grown up

33. Performed light surgery on?

34. Parting shot

35. Part of a sitcom farewell

36. One recently hitched

37. OK for dieters

38. Nintendo rival

39. New Jersey's state tree

40. NATO alphabet starter

41. Monopoly corner

42. Monogram on some pricey handbags

43. Milk purch

44. Midmorning hr

45. Maker of many kitchen rolls

46. Lyft rival

47. Loot from a heist

48. Little League teams

49. Like used fireplaces

50. Like Oscar Wilde

51. Like most fairways, daily

52. Lab order?

53. Just open

54. Jazz club performers

55. Implied

56. Hot under the collar

57. Hands-free devices

58. Fuss over

59. Feels the pain

60. Eur. power until 1806

61. Down in the dumps

62. David Cameron's alma mater

63. Dainty trim

64. Copter's forerunner

65. Chest thumper

66. Caramel-filled candy

67. Brit. record label

68. Breaks like a branch

69. Big name in spaghetti westerns

70. Baking soda targets

71. Arctic formation

72. And such: Abbr

73. Adapter letters

74. A whole bunch

75. A few bucks?

76. 'My Generation' band

Mordo – Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 24.08.2016

Mordo – Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 24.08.2016

Writer's hiree
Wallach of 'How the West Was Won'
Transport to the courthouse?
Transport to the wedding?
Transport to the theater?
Tears to pieces
Synagogue scroll
Symbols often seen with Egyptian gods
Sugar substitute
Subtle vibes
Stevens who played Matthew on 'Downton Abbey'
Sports Illustrated's 1974 Sportsman of the Year
River through Lake Geneva
Push-up purchase
Purveyor of yellow journalism
Portion that's left
Purple bloomer
Powerful person
Political cartoonist Thomas
Pan Am competitor
Owner of 'The Huffington Post,' as of 2011
On the up-and-up
Nutmeg-derived spice
Nothing's opposite
Notes exchanged in many global transactions
Nonnews newspaper page
Neptune's domain
Message-sending convenience
Long forearm bone
Letters from a debtor
Lets the tears flow
Lead-up to a big Boston 'party'
Last to be chosen, probably
Lana's friend in Smallville
Unusable fingerprints 
Yucky deposit 
Where the Pope lives 
Wall candleholders 
Trivial tizzy 
Savings for a distant rainy day 
Tolstoy title word 
Thing that courteous golfers replace 
Tablet-producing company 
Suddenly bright stars 
Strengthened a poker pot 
Smaller part of a larger zoned area 
Kinshasa's country, during Mobutu's rule
Russian country home 
Kebab choice
Roll in a roller derby 
Junior, to Senior
Puts money in the bank 
Jewish priest with a self-named Bible book
Primitive dwelling 
Prefix with "natal" 
Pennsylvania, to Maryland 
Part of an apple 
One way to make a sweater 
One delivering a dressing-down 
It will help you dig up some dirt
Island from which Napoleon escaped
Nursery schooler 
Irish-born actress Maureen
Miniature guitars, informally 
In no particular order
Musketeer's need 
Humphrey's successor as vice president
Mork's home planet 
Guy who cries foul
Give the slip to 
Glass window section
Mai ___ (rum cocktail) 
Frat party quaff
Magazine revenue sources 
Film swashbuckler Flynn
Like a haunted house 
Filled-dough snack from Eastern Europe
Gavel pounder's word 
Feed in a field
Lift a lawyer's license 
Feeling of inner turmoil
Label for the skinny picture 
Late boxing champion 
Large book size 
Cries of wonder
Cornrow component
Hard to make out 
Core part of the brain and spinal cord
Cone's eye partner
Collar alternative
Formerly known as, in maiden names 
Certain saxophone
Flynn of old Hollywood 
Christian fashion line?
First square of many board games 
Chief newscaster
Fine cigar 
Brought to mind 
Exploratory mission, for short 
Certain degree, in math
'Finish those vegetables!'
Actor with Bolger and Garland
Bob Schieffer's network
Enterprise speed unit 
Emulate a certain tide 
Egg of old Rome 
Editor's insertion symbol 
Doing one's job, and how! 
Dictionary entry 
Definitely on one's toes 
Cuts and pastes 
Cruel barracks "gag" of old 
Cop's treat in stereotypes 
Contributed suggestion, e.g 
Combat pilot's flight 
Chinese dumplings 
Cause disorder to 
Yarn purchase
Winter hrs. in Chicago
Catcher of a clumsy acrobat 
Where Hefner parties
Bucharest currency 
Vex persistently
Transparent mineral
Be competitive 
Andy's raggedy doll 
The Pope’s residence
Approach to an article 
Take-home pay
Any pest 
Stanford-__ (IQ test)
Source of hash browns, informally
Tweak some violin holders? 
Absorbed, as a cost 
1040 reviewer, briefly 
Sharif of “Doctor Zhivago”
Pre-__ (coll. major)
Scottish residence of the Royal Family
"I'm quoting this exactly" 
Wall St. deal 
Rubber tomahwak’s target
Napoleon exile site
West Indies volcano 
"Dined" partner 
Place for a window box
"Awesome!" in the '90s 
Many a McJob holder
Many 5Ks and 10Ks
Moon lander, briefly
Like many bathroom floors
Like good pastrami
Like an unmatched sock
Lawrence who played “champagne music”
Las Vegas’ __ Grand
Lake __ (Mississippi River’s source)
Tweak some ski parkas? 
Keep __ (continue)
Issues a subpoena to
Tweak some church chimers? 
Israel’s Netanyahu, informally
Inform on the Mob
Housebound feline
In an aimless manner
Parting shot 
Hatchling’s sound
Tweak some business outfits? 
Hand-dyeing method
Good-sized lot
Torch job 
Game with Reverse and Skip cards
To boot 
Field goal specialist
Three-part figs 
Dalles cager, for short
Third deg.? 
Come down in buckets
Switch on a boom box 
Store door nos. 
Tach nos. 
Carpenter’s gripper
Capital on the Baltic Sea
Stadium ticket specification 
Busboys’ pickups
Slangy “Sure” 
Bit of change
Begins to take effect
Be in the red
Shipping department supply 
Scientology guru Hubbard 
Any “Jurassic Park” dinosaur
Put one over on 
Annapolis newcomer
Pulled off 
San Lucas (Baja resort)
Portmanteaun for a grown-up who hasn’t yet grown up 
$1000000, informally
“The Untouchables” gangster
Performed light surgery on? 
“With the bow,” in music
“Sour grapes” fabulist
“Nana” author Zola
One recently hitched 
“Odyssey” enhantress
Little League teams 
Part of a sitcom farewell 
OK for dieters 
Nintendo rival 
NATO alphabet starter 
Monogram on some pricey handbags 
Milk purch 
Maker of many kitchen rolls 
Lyft rival 
Loot from a heist 
Like used fireplaces 
Like most fairways, daily 
Lab order? 
Just open 
Jazz club performers 
Hands-free devices 
Fuss over 
David Cameron’s alma mater 
Dainy trim 
Caramel-filled candy 
Breaks like a branch 
Big name in spaghetti westerns 
And such: Abbr. 
Adapter letters 
“My Generation” band 
Writer Quindlen 
Vampire's teeth 
Toon villain Whiplash 
Swedish auto 
Posh city dwelling 
Quarterback Marino 
Mobster's hired gun 
Whitish gemstone 
Limo alternatives 
Water east of Dublin 
Italy's silhouette 
Using few words 
Tough to climb 
Frazier foe 
Touches lightly 
Fine spray 
Throw a fit 
Sushi-bar beverage 
Star Wars series mentor 
Fine cotton 
Spa garment 
Dealer's foe 
Skeet participant 
Boston nickname 
Aspiring actresses 
1974 Jack Nicholson film 
'It can't be!' 
Most iffy 
Shade tree 
Sheep's call 
Winter follower 
School corridors 
Skin feature 
Road-fork shapes 
U2 singer 
Residence for robins 
Texas player 
Raison d'__ 
Radar-screen dots 
Stable worker 
Propelled with oars
Somnolent state 
Patient and forgiving 
Relay stick 
Museum-funding org 
Minute part 
Merest amount 
Meadow cry 
Meal for a mare 
Lord's wife 
Lasting mark 
Hibernation spots 
Looked for 
Got financial control of 
Farm unit 
Isn't truthful 
Is worth it 
Internet site administrator 
Impressive grouping 
European viper 
Crib occupant 
Comic's stock 
Helps out 
Cannon sound 
Calls to the phone 
Have __ for (dislike) 
Big party 
Apartment renter 
Apt. coolers 
A lot better than average 
"Quickly" in a memo 
Fly like an eagle 
Film clip 
Feudal laborer 
Ernie of the PGA 
Noisy toy 
Door knocks 
Cut and __ (edit) 
Some support payers 
Store sign 
Song often accompanied by physical spelling 
Club __ (bar mixer) 
Beginning of an idea 
Bart Simpson and Daffy Duck 
ATM manufacturer 
Word on a triangular sign 
'70s dance halls 
"__ the night before . . ." 
Smart in the '60s 
"Tosca" or "Carmen" 
Sixth col., often 
Shirker's excuse 
"Gone With the Wind" surname 
Quickly buy 
Notorious Philistine 
Mother of William and Harry 
Diner dessert request 
Medically related 
Less soaked 
Herb with bitter leaves 
Hardly controversial 
Handful of hair 
Unknown, on a sched. 
Garfield's foil 
YouTube journal 
X-rated stuff 
Feeling no anxiety 
El Creador 
Wisher’s place 
Ecole Beaux-Arts 
VCR insert 
Down, say 
T-shaped crosses 
Diner menu choice 
Transport with mud tires, for short 
To-do list item 
The last of the Mohicans, in Cooper’s novel 
Diminish, as enthusiasm 
The albums “Godspell” and “Jesus Christ Superstar,” for two 
Cave, at times 
Decongestant brand 
Colleague of Riker, Troi and Crusher 
Copies, quaintly 
Texas landmark that shares its name with a tree 
Didn't just pay the asking price 
T. Rowe Price offering, in brief 
Start, as an adventure 
Something in a KFC bucket 
Some univ. instructors 
Consider officially 
Sign on a prank victim’s back 
Concert highlight 
Return to Amish channel 
Pro org. with Christmas Day games 
Pieces of punditry 
Classic statement of confusion, and a hint about this puzzle 
PBS documentary series since 1988 
Part of a modern baby monitor 
Classic state? 
Pain relief brand with early “hammers in the head” ads 
Ornate style 
Classic residence? 
One of the Wilson sisters of rock’s Heart 
Nothing, in soccer 
Classic frozen treat? 
Most perceptive 
Minor argument 
Metric weights: Abbr. 
Mars, to the Greeks 
Car turner 
Mark Harmon police series 
Bruised, say 
Main ingredient in soubise sauce 
La Scala’s home 
Holder of 1,000+ patents 
Magi’s guide 
Like arsenic in large amounts 
Like a dog’s kiss 
Big jerk 
Lake ___, home of Presque Isle 
Beggin' Strips brand 
Insole material 
I’ll have another 
Basilica section 
Hoops great O’Neal 
Athena's shield 
Alley howler 
Actor who won both Comedy and Drama Emmys for the same role 
About 30% of Earth's landmass 
Grp. that’s an anagram of 60-Down 
Miss Brooks' (old sitcom)
Gallery hanging 
'You're hilarious' 
Flaky Greek pastry 
'Yo!' from a yawl 
Field of DraftKings and FanDuel … or 18-, 23-, 52- and 58-Across? 
There but for the grace of God 
Families-and-friends support group 
'Bob's Burgers' daughter 
Election-influencing org. 
Duffer’s delight 
Do a mohel’s job 
Custardy dessert 
Coastal inlet 
Cash crop in Colombia 
Bronx nine, on scoreboards 
Be on the lookout alerts, for short 
Baseball’s steroid ___ 
Androcles and the Lion thorn site 
Andrea Bocelli delivery 
Al who was A.L. M.V.P. in 1953 
Adams who photographed Yosemite 
Activity for Tigger and Eeyore 
Activity for Hobbes 
Activity for Harry Potter 
___ Tome and Principe 
Activity for Anakin Skywalker 
1/100 of a Norwegian krone

Mordo – Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 23.08.2016

Mordo – Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 23.08.2016

Word on some mail from Spain
Vardalos of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'
Wimbledon wind instrument?
Succulent wind instrument?
Sci-fi princess
Rocket stage
Rob of 'The West Wing'
Right hands
Rice University mascot
Resentful retort
Reactions to adorable babies
Rapper with an Oscar
Rabbinical wind instrument?
Puts in the envelope
Part of MOMA
Parade honoree
Opening on Broadway
One of the Everly Brothers
Not moving
Not exactly
Ninth successor to St. Peter
Manicurist's tool
Hurried 'Hurry up!'
Good name for a lawyer?
Fathers and sons
Engaged couple's wind instrument?
End of some academic addresses
Detective role for Lorre
Country's McEntire
Chapter I preceders
Carney costar
Carbon monoxide's lack
Capt.'s superiors
Canadian figure skating star Brian
Boarding place at Disneyland
Blame bearer
Writing tool 
What some trees exude 
Backwoods pro?
Feeds, as pigs 
Thing acquired by many beachgoers 
Author of 'The Swiss Family Robinson'
The two of Mars 
The four years of a U.S. president 
Painters' competitors 
NYSE rival 
Not this or those 
Not even a min 
fly (RBI getter) 
Wood-shaving device (var.) 
Wedders' declaration 
Think the world of 
Some animal shelters 
That's my boy, really 
Sounds from the awestruck 
Some Xs, in a simple game 
Sleek, for short 
Sailboat spar 
Sharing a family tree 
Shrinking polar covering 
Notable parts of history 
Reluctant, old-school 
Quaker's "you" 
Partner of odds 
One with no stable address 
Oscar hopeful 
Opposite of WSW 
Lunch time, for many 
Mudbath locale 
Much is done for his sake? 
Montreal team no more 
Mediums' states 
Man standing on a board 
Makes toothed edges in 
Make someone clench a fist 
Like many mountain summits 
Like mature cornstalks 
Letter getter 
Just a bit of color 
Emmylou or Franco 
Jimi Hendrix classic 
It's unhealthy to hold one 
It conceals one's actual plans 
Hot alcoholic drink 
Having star quality? 
At this point 
Has aspirations 
A studier of living organisms 
Gate lockers 
Extinct New Zealand bird 
Flightless Australian bird 
Five spots on a five-spot 
Certain light switch 
Fair piece of land 
Cosmetics overseeing agcy 
Con ___ (vigorously) 
Chase away, as bugs 
Canape spread 
Bread type 
Blind parts 
Be gone with the wind 
Amount eaten 
Alley ___ (basketball highlight) 
A famous Williams 
"___ up the good work!" 
"Fame" singer Cara 
"A Christmas Carol" comment 
Worth a 10, perhaps 
Where Adam and Eve fell 
Totally bewildered 
Titleist supporters 
Tippler, for short 
Timeshare payment 
The 24 in 36-24-36 
Sumter or McHenry 
Starbucks buy 
Starbuck 20-ounce size 
Stable fare 
Sprinkler connection 
Soup at sushi bars 
Some raw materials 
Shoulder muscles, for short 
Seek directions, say 
Scatter, as seeds 
Robbery-snouted beast 
Retort to “Taint!” 
Corporal or coloner 
Rained out, e.g. (Abbr.) 
Signaled on stage 
Prozac or Zoloft 
Words from Wordsworth 
Pro-__ (some tourneys) 
What Brinker’s boy plugged with a finger 
Port of Algeria 
Polygraph flunker, most likely 
Played for a sap 
Pay for a hand 
Water from France 
Italian source of bubbly 
Waist-measuring unit 
Otters’ prey 
Vietnamese holidays 
Organ settings 
Unfavorable reputation 
One who may buy your clothes 
Suffix with Japan or Brooklyn 
Of little use 
Subj. with writing exercises 
Neutralize, as a bomb 
Start of the rest of your life, so it’s said 
Looie’s underling 
Speck of bread 
LL.B holder 
Larry of the Three Stooges 
La Scala headliner 
Score-producing MLB stats 
Jacques of “Mon Oncle” 
Sci-fi aircraft 
Impossible score in American football 
Sagan of “Cosmos 
High-five sound 
Run __ of the law 
Governor Cuomo 
Jack Sprat’s diet restriction 
Room-size computer introduced in 1946 
GM’s German subsidiary 
River through Spain 
Gasteyer of “Suburgatory” 
Richard who married Liz Taylor .. Twice 
Frequently, in verse 
Resident’s winter expense 
Food fight sound 
Haunted house sound 
Fey of “Mean Girls” 
Ernie of the PGA 
Prepare for the gala 
Easter ends it 
Place to relax 
Defensive lineman’s tactic 
Perform on stage 
Dartboard wood 
Oslo attraction honoring Heyerdahl’s expedition 
Old Norse explorer 
Dagwood’s nap spot 
One-named singer 
Dab hands 
New Hampshire city 
Coat of arms inscription 
Greek cross 
Missouri’s largest metropolis 
Coarse, as language 
Minor setback 
Caricatures, e.g. 
Mil. Flying branch 
Knocked down 
Bus terminal postings, informally 
Brit’s “bye!” 
Bird that sings in flight 
Is able to 
Airline with only kosher meals 
In __: as found 
A facelift removes it 
High-IQ group 
A breaking ball 
1-Down’s delivery 
__-pitch softball 
__ voce (quietly) 
Half of Mork’s sign-off 
Greek war god 
“In other words ..” 
Fix errors in, as software 
“Goodnight” girl of song 
Entertained with a tune 
First leg of racing’s Triple Crown 
Fills with feathers, as a pillow 
Cooking-with-garlic enticement 
Biblical “your” 
Ball of smoke 
Apartment agreement 
Antlered grazer 
Aegean, for one 
Actress Novak 
1990 comedy about a detective posing as a teacher 
1980s Chrysler line 
1958 Chevalier musical 
“Sure, sure” 
Say that’s true ..” 
“__ seen worse” 
“Roots” hero from Gambia 
Payment to a 10-year-old 
Verdi opera
Had leftovers, perhaps 
Top players
Spiky haircuts
Stimulating drink
Smack a baseball
Quarterback Troy
Prepares to kiss
Japanese veggie
Hearty brew
Get wind of
Flamingo's hue
Successors of LPs 
Edith Piaf, for one
Zeroed (in on) 
Carry a gun
Where rivers end 
De Mille of dance
Your and my 
Baseball stats
Thick string 
Baby carriage
Swirling water 
Teachers’ union: Abbr 
Tech whiz 
Actress Sarandon
'The Wild Bunch' director Sam
Top card
Iron alloy 
Seek damages from 
They're removed from libraries
Nothing more than 
Ready for customers 
Read __ the lines 
Sweater yarn
Payment to a guest speaker 
Storybook elephant
Presidential office shape 
Scrooge cries
Installed, as mosaic flooring 
Prefix meaning ”against” 
Rapper Rhymes
Hooded winter jacket 
Point of a fork 
Payment to a university 
Payment to a salesperson 
Plug parts
Meeting slate
Pantry staples
Pastor’s speech 
Bowling area 
Parts of qts 
Imposed, as a fine
Immoral act
Nose, informally 
Grow fond of
Marry on the run 
Early calculator
Cookout spot
Bus units
Brit's baby carriage
Young one
Hawaiian welcome 
Having a twisty path 
Waikiki wear
City south of Tampa 
Turn at the chessboard
Turn indicator
Enjoy the taste of 
Tiara adornments
Emcee’s amplifier 
Three-time NFL MVP Brett
Common practice 
They're sometimes hard to break
Close tightly 
The States, to those south of the border
Cleansing bars 
Soup alternative
Start of a Caesar boast
Chablis or Chianti 
Site of Ger. and It
Shakespearean spirit
Breakfast strip 
Projections that fit into mortises
Rudolph of 'Bridesmaids'
Roll with the punches
Boxing match locales 
River of Russia
Rise to its highest level
Bird-feeder fillers 
Powerful Chevy
Begin to melt 
Be deceitful 
Perp pursuers
Pool table surface
Monogram of a January honoree
Airport building 
Adjusts, as a piano 
Absent from 
National paper since 1982
”Little Orphan __” 
”I’ve __ up to here!” 
”Aw, how cute!” 
Lyricist Gershwin
Like Confederate uniforms
Jodie's role in 'The Silence of the Lambs'
Hoppy amphibians
Yo-Yo Ma’s instrument 
Windows : Microsoft :: ___ : Apple 
Verbally attack 
Toon that flies with his ears 
Thomas who wrote “Death in Venice” 
Thailand, before 1939 
Greiner of 'Shark Tank'
Strong suit? 
Starchy substance found in some plant roots 
Greater part
Destroy, as a hotel room
Springing back in disgust 
Clearing in the woods
Sound of an air kiss 
Glutton of the grape
Some airport postings, for short 
Software issues 
Flapjack flipper
Soda brand introduced in 1924 
Financial company that acquired Equitable in the 1990s
Silicon Valley specialty 
Doorbell-ringing company
Sheik’s peer 
Seven Dwarfs’ workplace 
Schools of thought 
Saldana of “Star Trek Beyond” 
Commodore PC brand
Rural carriage 
Prefix with issue 
Plea that accepts conviction without admitting guilt 
Captain of the Pequod
California roll and the like
Athletic prodigy
Party mix cereal 
Part of L.G.B.T. 
Alva or Quincy, or what the answers to the starred clues have
Garden pond fish 
Hair stiffeners 
Bill in a till
One might start “I heard …” 
One hell of a river? 
Network director Sidney 
Big Apple nightclub of song
Musical set in Oz, with “The” 
Mastermind game pieces 
Many flower children, these days 
Like Monopoly deeds that are flipped upside down 
Ice cream feature represented four times in this puzzle 
'I'm With ___' (Clinton slogan)
Hallelujah! singers 
Ally of Morpheus and Trinity, in a film trilogy
Diner sandwiches
Ted Cruz, by heritage
Gift in a relationship that’s getting serious, maybe 
Garden watering aid 
1960s-'70s period
Duchess of ___ (Goya subject) 
Drug kingpin on “The Wire” 
French “you” 
French “to be” 
Formation with steep cliffs 
'The More You Know' TV spot, for short
Et ___ (and others) 
'The Merry Widow' composer
'Old Time Rock and Roll' singer
'The Clan of the Cave Bear' author Jean
Creature leaving a slime trail 
Counselor employer 
'Let me think…'
'Here's what I think,' in texts
Classic TV show with a celebrity panel 
Chutney fruit 
Cat call 
Bond player after Brosnan 
Best guesses: Abbr. 
About, on a memo 
Aaron Burr, ___ (“Hamilton” song with a rhyming title) 
4, for 19 divided by 5 
11-year old, e.g. 
___ Dingbats (font) 
Long-term inmates 
and kicking 

Mordo – Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART B 22.08.2016

Mordo – Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART B 22.08.2016

over (quick look) 
Word before bag or board 
Visibly abashed 
Used an abacus 
Tesla's field (Abbr.) 
Track postings 
The Masters, as tournaments go 
Temporarily, in commercials 
T-shirt tag word 
Symbol of good luck 
Stand ___ (take no cards) 
Spar, do roadwork, etc 
Sleep cycle acronym 
Single-named Somali model 
Sicilian spewer 
Shelled out 
Score symbol 
Quick-cook noodles 
Prefix with pod or athlete 
Polytheist, perhaps 
Of a pelvic bone 
Ned who composed "Air Music" 
Most high schoolers 
Long-term inmates 
Like a taskmaster 
It's "bustin' out all over" 
It may be tempted 
Hoard of riches 
Hidden, as fingerprints 
Headed for extra innings 
Football's ___ Alonzo Stagg 
Find a new tenant for 
Fat in a can 
Fare behind a sneezeguard 
Far from scarce 
Elias Sports Bureau tidbit 
Dodge trucks 
Craigslist postings 
Coffeeshop allure 
Choir voice 
Catboat or sloop feature 
Card counter's asset 
Campaigner's blunder 
Booby-trapped, in a way 
Boater's hazard 
Bistro window posting 
April 2016 NFL event 
Alan of "The Aviator" 
Airline name meaning "skyward" 
"you serious?" 
"The Godfather" composer Rota 
Worldly, not spiritual 
Prosperous period
Solo of 'Star Wars'
"Nevermore" quoter 
Slapstick missile
Place to surf
Piggy bank items
Pageant bands
Numbered rds
Nashville's st
Name derived from a person
Floral rings
What a geisha may pull tight 
Interrupt, as a dance 
Evening in Paris
Witch group
Challenger's words
Docking site
Whitman samplers? 
Candle count
Tank type 
Bread spread
Started, as a computer 
Shaky singing technique 
Audition CD
Arduous journey
Sissy role 
Toronto's province
Sir Michael, of films 
Shoe undersides 
Get in touch with
Needing help
Self-important attitude 
Surgery souvenirs
Sun Valley's state
Reporter's requirements 
Paid for a hand
Religious factions 
Mud bath site
Question harshly 
Montezuma and Napoleon
Proofs of age, briefly 
Mosquito attack
Plumbing pipe material, informally 
Great weights
English I reading, sometimes 
Not too far away 
Place for linen 
Cry of dismay
Fence openings
Pig turners 
Dorothy's dog
Persona's counterpart, to Jung 
Cookie quantity
Animated characters
Penthouse feature 
Chick's mother
Changes chemically
On the Caspian, e.g 
Casual shirts
Béchamel and béarnaise
Astronomical haloes
Like a wintry scene 
Not far from, as in a race 
Twirls around
Name in a cinematic "excellent adventure 
Uses a Nautilus, maybe
Wood shop tool
Midori of skating 
Makes a judicial decision 
Troubadour's delivery
Physicians: Abbr 
Losing by a nose, e.g 
Like burned briquettes 
Sharpshooter Oakley 
They're rolled in roleo
and proper (strait-laced) 
The Crimson Tide, for short
Speak like Don Corleone
Leave one's bed 
Somewhat, in a way
Wishes earnestly 
Six-pack muscles
Western alliance: Abbr 
Jeweler's magnifier 
Saltshaker cousin
Teacher's job security 
Elementary school staples 
Freudian error 
Raring to go
Syrup in baked beans 
Quarter back?
Inflame with love 
Speck of dust 
Immobilizing shooter 
Softens, as sound 
Highest land on Earth 
Popeye's archenemy
Hangs on a clothesline 
Penthouse suite feature
Skillets and woks 
Pastrami sandwich choice
Group doctrines 
Pack on pounds
Overthrow of first base, for example
Scarlett of "Gone with the Wind" 
Maneuver through moguls
Frederick Douglass was one 
Lots of ozs
Former Portuguese coin 
Loretta of 'M*A*S*H'
Fella relative 
Like driven snow
Egghead, in stereotypes 
Cup divisions 
Fair pavilions, essentially 
LAX search party?
Extraordinary brilliance 
English I reading, sometimes 
John Donne line
Ending for "benz" 
Inspirational tale
Salty body of water 
God with a weekday named after him
Gretchen of 'Boardwalk Empire'
Prepare for a marathon
Greta who said, 'I vant to be alone'
Down on the pond? 
Prepare carefully 
Determined in advance 
Game with 32 cards
Fit to be tried
Performers' roles 
Finesse stroke in tennis
Eddie Bauer rival
"Bed" or "home" addition 
Common lubricant 
Eat by candlelight
Placed in the mailbox 
Designer Vera
Censors, as a document 
Creature named for its flat feet
Candlelight event 
Conclusive evidence
Bing alternative 
Composer Stravinsky
Big name in car rentals 
College in New Rochelle, New York
Pass, as legislation 
Battle in tight quarters 
Blast from the past
Ooh and 
Arabian Peninsula country
Accountant's entry 
Alma mater of five presidents
One-on-one instructor 
'Don't that beat all!'
Airline to Holland
One of the Great Lakes 
'Jurassic Park' menace
Motorist's reference 
'WWE Raw' network
'Natural History' author
Male turkeys 
'La Bohème' soprano
"That's all there __ it!" 
'Heat' director Michael
End a plane flight 
Make happy 
'Because of their ___, parents may be difficult to discipline properly' (P.J. O'Rourke)
Make beloved 
Make a new judgment on 
Letters symbolizing sleep 
Jay Z and Dr. Dre 
Super Bowl V quarterback Johnny
Informal refusal 
Soothing ointments
Son of Lord and Lady Montague
Holy __ (one of the Trinity) 
Sizable snakes
Hint for a detective 
Sideless freight carriers
Shoulder muscle, in brief
Gold medal, for example 
Rum-soaked cake
Rights-defending org
Gets a glimpse of 
Prepares for a game
Fund-raising lottery 
Precious green stone
Pre-Easter period
Portrayer of Superman on TV's 'Lois & Clark'
Disney World shuttle 
Build, as a house 
Buccaneers' plunder 
Boxing ring borders 
Baking appliance 
Baby Bear's dad 
Auto navigation aid: Abbr 
Approximate takeoff hrs 
Appears to be 
24-hr. bank device 
Packing, so to speak
Pack, as the trunk
Not isosceles or equilateral
Movie director Renoir
Move quickly
Moment, informally
Without delay, in memos 
West Point initials
Migratory duck
Watson of “Harry Potter” films 
Magnetic metal
Waitstaff boss 
In need of a massage
Harry Truman's wife
Versailles send-off 
Hangs on the line
German currency before the euro
Total in math 
Tie the __: marry 
From Scandinavia, say
Throat-clearing word 
Expert in the Force
Tax-sheltered nest egg 
Expel from legal practice
Tales of __: misfortunes 
Early eviction site
Do congressional work
Singer Horne 
Cutoffs, for example
Square root of 64 
Contractor's submission
Circus weightlifter
Charity sporting events
Card in a royal flush
Candidate of 2016
Brother of Groucho and Harpo
Broadway's Bernadette
Barry Bonds's 762 homers, e.g
Bad day for Julius Caesar
Scott of “Happy Days” 
1997 Spielberg film
Religious symbols 
1945 conference site
Protest singer Phil 
'Night Moves' rocker Bob
'Alfie' star
Popular climb from Lone Pine, California 
Paper or plastic choice 
'Ain't No Half-Steppin" rapper
Online company with many drivers 
Ones “in distress” in old films 
Older brother of Jeff Bridges 
Old TWA rival 
Oater law group 
Most of the Jolly Green Giant’s laugh 
Modeler’s buy 
Math subj. 
Marathon aftermath 
Legumes used in cook-offs 
Learning by memorization 
Large shade tree 
King of Judea 
Kett of old comics 
High-speed Amtrak service 
Harbor craft 
Gun lobby org. 
German coal valley 
Gas company with toy trucks 
Butter toffee bar 
Fries, slaw, etc .. And what this puzzle circles represent 
Flea market payment 
Firstborn son of Cain 
Early-bird catches 
Don Corleone’s first name 
Detective Pinkerton 
D.C. fundraisers 
Corn piece 
Christine’s lover on “The Phantom of the Opera” 
Carrier to Copenhagen 
Carrier that added “ways” to its name in 1997 
Car rental giant 
Barcelona cheer 
Terrible” tsar 
Okay, __ do it 
Obviously, Einstein! 
to Billie Joe 
are the times that try men’s souls”: Paine 
___ above (better than) 
Won the World Series in four games, say 
Where to drop a coin 
Unhurried run 
Travel like Superman 
Title like 'The Santa Clause' or 'Knight and Day' 
Things eds. edit 
The 'p' of m.p.h 
Sudden runs 
Say 'Please, please, please,' say 
Run one's mouth 
Rep on the street 
QB Manning 
Protective tooth layer 
Previous to, in poetry 
Prefix with dexterity 
Popular movie theater candy 
Plant, as seeds 
Period of higher-than-average temperatures 
Peace Nobelist Sakharov 
Opposite of masc 
Official sometimes said to be blind 
Nostradamus, for one 
Neuter, as a stud 
NBC weekend show since '75 
Like the stage after larval 
Like pigs' tails and permed hair 
Like a well-kept lawn 
Last Greek letters 
Kite flier's need 
Kitchen amts 
Kelly of morning TV 
Jessica of 'Dark Angel' 
Influential sorts … or a hint to the starts of 17-, 23-, 39- and 50-Across 
In single file 
Important time at a fraternity or sorority 
Guthrie who performed at Woodstock 
Group of experts 
Golden parachutes, e.g 
Galahad or Lancelot 
Future atty.'s hurdle 
Fully informed, informally 
Four: Prefix 
Faucet problem 
Edmonton hockey player 
Depardieu of film 
Completely wrong 
Clearance rack abbr 
Classic cameras 
Charles Lamb's 'Essays of ___' 
Bit of acne, informally 
Bikini top 
Alphabetically last animal in a zoo, usually 
Abbr. in a military address 
'___-hoo!' ('Hello!') 
'___ Enchanted' (2004 rom-com) 
'The Witches' director Nicolas 
'Put up your ___!' 
'How tragic' 

Mordo – Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART B 21.08.2016

Mordo – Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART B 21.08.2016

Zapped with a stun gun 
Word that can follow the first parts of 17- and 55-Across and 10- and 24-Down 
Word before block or health 
Uppercut target 
Fertile triangle 
They may conceal shiners 
Took one’s turn 
Yesterday, in Roma
When repeated, a '65 Dixie Cups hit
Vacation excursions
Words of consolation
Vacation destination
True, to Thérèse
Understanding, of a sort
The __ Four (The Beatles) 
To be, in Toulouse
Sushi bar fish 
The Muses and baseball lineups
Stopped working
Put two and two together
Run wild on the range 
Slobs’ milieux 
Suffix with elephant or serpent 
Sticking point at the dinner table?
Sub captain’s command 
Sight from the Bridge of Sighs
Start of many a limerick 
Self-centered person
Salon or Slate
SEALs’ branch 
Salon pros 
Salmon also called “silvers” 
Potato sites?
Play in a mud puddle 
Palindromic constellation
Yes men 
Native of Attu
Some undergraduate degs 
Purplish-red shade 
Weasley of the "Harry Potter" books 
Minerals used in glassmaking
Public announcers of old 
Member of the toy group
Project detail, briefly 
Prefix with dynamics 
Port city where the Maine blew up 
Policy guru 
What the ruling Romanovs were 
Muscle cramp, e.g. 
Longship crewmen
Pledge drive rift 
Type of garden with rocks 
Paper-and-pencil puzzle 
Like a knight preparing to joust
Tutu wearer's dance 
Operatic superstar 
Legal attachment?
Journalist Peter or actor Will
Topmost spot 
Jalapeño feature
Oater “necktie” 
This boat 
It's often shared in theaters
Hoedown partner
His nickname was 'Schnozzola'
Georgia of 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'
Significant time, historically 
Friendly enough to talk
Sign on a grade-school bathroom 
Fixture in many apartment buildings
Nantes’ river 
Feel indignant about
Rites of passage for some 13-year-olds 
Mushers’ vehicles 
Fantastic bargain
Radon and krypton 
Muddy up 
Explosive experiment, briefly
Mucky stuff 
Passionate with a constant temperature? 
Brooding sort?
Clown-sized shoe width
Checkpoint requests
NYC opera house (with "The") 
Movie ape, for short 
No longer playing (Abbr.) 
Move like a hummingbird 
Bridge blunderer
Barrie baddie
News windup 
Mary __ (cosmetics name) 
Big name on the farm
Make Pilsner 
More than charred (Var.) 
Lose one’s cool 
Morally blemished 
John, “The Teflon Don” 
Like Caribbean weather 
Is still in the running 
Article in rap titles
Korbut of gymnastics fame 
Achieves success
In times gone by 
'This is too amazing to comprehend!'
It's this or nothing 
In the works 
It can get you there 
'From the sublime to the ridiculous ___ a step' (Napoléon Bonaparte)
In a blaze 
Hawaiian instrument, briefly 
Conquistador’s victim 
Hungarian-born philanthropist George 
Harvester or tractor, e.g 
Home to billions 
Give a formal address 
Hobby farm bug 
Geisha's waist-cincher 
Help for a guesser 
Flintstone child 
Ferry destination, often 
Explores caves 
Fake identity 
Electron’s home 
Eye part that holds the iris 
Doves’ antitheses 
Eagle's nest 
Dwelling place 
Colossal, for an olive 
Devoted to reading 
Cold War barrier 
Destiny or fate, to Hindus 
Coals, on Frosty 
Cub Scout faction 
City near Lake Tahoe 
Creature that loses its tail 
Check falsifier 
Cranny cohort 
Chaney of horror movies 
Cavalry sidearm 
Catch __ (comprehend) 
Brainstorm aftermaths 
Casino’s big spender 
Bit of an uproar 
Cartoondom’s __ E. Coyote 
Bike and bridle, for two 
Beijing housemaid 
Before, to poets of old 
Armada component 
American felines 
Acute anxiety 
Activity of choir members 
Zero out, say
Yearwood of country
1982 Oscar-winning role for Meryl 
Writer Zora __ Hurston
"You've Really Got ___ On Me" 
Without a doubt
"Braveheart" garment 
Where fowl spies meet?
Well past its crime
Welcome center?
Was able to
Tomato variety
Ticket period
Caroler’s tune 
Blacken on a grill 
Bits in fried rice 
Being pulled along 
Antioxidant-rich berry 
1992 Joe Pesci title role 
1950s campaign nickname 
“The Marines’ Hymm” city 
Heads __, tails .. 
“Buy It Now” site 
Sorority recruitment period 
Think the world of
South American capital 
Top-40 tune 
System with speakers
Venerable luxury car, for short 
Suva’s nation
Via, for short 
Sung syllables
Word in many Alps names 
Strong lagers
With no representations 
Stealthy animal
Winless racehorse 
Sign of breakfast burning?
Start of a fitness motto
What the 10 longest answers (including this one) all lack 
Singer Cetera
What some détentes have deterred 
Shelley’s “Ozymandia,” e.g.
Shocks, in a way
Water sport of a sort 
Schindler with a list
Ward worker 
Sanyo headquarters city
Remote hiding places?
Red-centered serving
Rearrangement of suitcase contents?
Put away too much, briefly
Treat too well 
Pulitzer playwright Rice
Psych ending
Toys that may talk 
Pic Sans Nom, par exemple
Ponder, with “over”
The original leading man 
Part of an academic address
Tess Durbeyfield creator 
Parka with different sleeve lengths?
Palindromic time
Oscar winner Lee
Tenth-century starter 
One way to hang
One of a hand truck’s pair
One might not hold up in court
Police squad 
One in a buffet stack
Off-the-wall feedback?
OAS charter member
Sound of swine 
NYC tourist attraction
Numerical extreme
Son of 15 Across 
Nickel that’s worth big bucks?
Societal customs 
NCAA div. with Seminoles
Pavement caution 
Metal precioso
Sister of Charlie Brown 
Many a signature
Many 1969 Woodstock arrivals
Savings partner 
Mae West persona
Lose in a chase
Savings combinations 
Russia's __ Mountains 
Retail proceeds 
Ready to skate 
Rank below marquis 
Quite a while 
Put new bottoms on 
Property tort 
Procedural pain 
Presence of mind 
Predatory insects 
Letters on some SUVs
Jersey greeting?
It sessions begin and end with bells
It only offers partial coverage
Iroquoian family members
In the neighborhood
Ideal takeover
I, at times
Host with a TV “Garage”
Homework helpers
Hershey bar
Hardly work
Guanaco cousin
Goes like crazy
Fram Museum city
Fox football sportcaster long
Narrow channel 
Former JFK lander
One holding 46 Across 
Flower child?
Oven for ceramics 
Eponymous swindler
Environment-friendly carrier
Emphatic type: Abbr.
Elevated point
Not as scintillating 
Eco-friendly lighthouse?
Does a salon job
Defense secretary __ Carter
Crucial unifying element
Musical's usual conclusion 
Couture monthly
Cross-referencing words
Courtroom figure
Lobby for 
Motorless vehicles 
Completely convinced
Moonwalker Shepard 
Come off as
Moonwalker Cernan 
Cold War prez
Moonwalker Armstrong 
Closest pal, in text
Classic rock opera
Miser's shout 
Chef known by his first name
Loretta Lynn mentor 
Caruso and Domingo
Capital of Sicily
Burlesque stand-up act?
Like most people 
Kors competitor 
Keeper of REM records 
It's west of New Brunswick 
Break point situation?
Ishmael's boss 
Bone up quickly
Attacks with force
IQ test developer 
Before you know it
Be beholden to
Instructions starter 
Improvised in a band 
Ice-cream thickeners 
Assert with confidence
Has bought 
Allison of jazz
Aid for dealing with pea soup
Harry Potter film props 
Affluent, in Andalusia
Hanes alternatives 
Abs trainers?
“This isn’t good!”
Half-__ (latte order) 
1983 Mr. T comedy
Gulf War missile 
“Unboring” furniture chain
Green guarder, often 
“The Tempest” spirit
Glacier remnant 
“The Swedish Nightingale” Jenny
Gets mushy 
“The Mikado” executioner
Get going 
“The Great Dictator” Oscar nominee
“The Count of Monte Cristo” author
Fun and games 
“That’s true, but ..”
François' farewell 
“Purple Rain” musician
Four-time Australian Open champ 
“None of it is true!”
“Life Below Zero” channel, familiarly
“For honest men and bonie __”: Burns
Flavor of the month 
Film caper 
End of a Latin boast 
Electrified weapon 
Dubbed titles
Decathlon event 
Debt notes 
Cry of fright 
Crime-story story 
Corporate advancement 
Class clown 
Circular gasket 
Chocolate or cherry 
Chemical coolant 
Checkers choice 
Castle employee 
Car's torque transmitter 
Cape Cod hub 
Bottles-on-wall array of song 
Boisterous celebrants 
Board under a bed 
Asian wasteland 
Artistic approaches 
Artist Matisse 
Arias, for example 
Antiseptic acid 
Angry episode 
Amber, for one 
Actor Hawke 
60 Across owner 
'90s fad dance 
'20s fad dance 
"West Side Story" weapon 
"Eureka," for California 
"At Last" singer James 

Mordo – Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 21.08.2016

Mordo – Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 21.08.2016

Milk dispensers? 
Nina Totenberg's milieu 
Break up with someone 
Concerted efforts 
Light and breezy entertainment, informally 
"Three Coins in the Fountain" fountain 
A.M.A. members 
Tavern attachment 
Annual N.Y.C. fund-raising event 
Goes down 
House majority leader before DeLay 
Virgin Mary's mother
Part of Y.S.L. 
Subatomic particle named for the weak force 
Oscar winner for "Dallas Buyers Club" 
Cookie with a Thins variety 
Like Sherpas 
Webmaster's medium 
At this point 
Bob alternative … or partner 
Drive-thru decision 
Wall St. "500"
For whom the Edgar awards are named 
Annual athletic honors 
"It's the ___" ("I've changed") 
"Keep fighting the good fight!" 
Mayo container? 
Oprah's BFF 
Store head: Abbr. 
Election night graphic, for short 
Clancy's Red October, e.g. 
Insult, say 
Regimen adopted by Bill Clinton in 2010 
Actor Penn 
Region of ancient Greece 
Like some oaths 
PolitiFact finding 
Federal agency established on August 25, 1916 
Not quite right
Bethesda-based research agcy. 
Feeling of hunger 
Cousin of goth 
Cracker shape 
Kind of treatment 
Defeat in a Nathan's Famous contest 
Term of address for a noble 
Halley of Halley's comet 
Like Serbs, but not Hungarians 
Had too much of, briefly 
Disney dwarf 
"The Simpsons" character in a green jacket 
Samovar, e.g. 
Purchase at an optometrist's 
Mortgage, often 
Feature of the Six Million Dollar Man 
Subject of many Ansel Adams photos 
Beethoven's "Sinfonia ___" 
What might replace you? 
Indoor plants popular in waiting rooms 
"Man, that feels good!"
Zika monitoring org 
Harry's Hogwarts enemy 
Highly rated bond 
France's so-called "Capital of the Ruins" 
Highly rated Bond? 
Actor Wheaton 
Dog created by Jim Davis
Alternative regimen to an 84-Down, informally 
Partner of sound 
Snack brand whose name hints at its flavor 
Approver of new meds 
Follower of Joel 
It's as good as XXX 
Organized hikes 
Gran Paradiso, e.g. 
Jumps higher than, in sports slang 
Dunham of "Girls" 
Harris's role in "The Right Stuff"
Wire message 
"So You Think You Can Dance" judge 
Disco relative 
Henry W. ___, Union major general during the Civil War 
Enigmatic one in "The Hobbit" 
Kind of pass 
Radio host Shapiro 
Erupter at 32-Across 
Raiders' org. 
Home to more than half the world's active geysers 
The Henry who founded the House of Tudor
Luncheonette order, for short 
High-powered guns 
Neighbor of Ger.
Life force in Chinese philosophy 
Painkiller containing caffeine 
Row maker 
Nascar unit 
Blessed thing? 
Busy time for malls: Abbr. 
Passionate kiss 
Flat-bottomed boat 
Rap's ___ Boys 
Spots for auto logos 
Ring around a classical column 
"Stop!," at a port 
Fischer, to Spassky, e.g 
"It's a pity other cars aren't built this way" cars 

Mordo – Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 20.08.2016

Mordo – Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 20.08.2016

Without a contract 
Unoriginal one 
Luis, Brazil 
Sherlock's assignment 
Popular theater name 
Word before "sapiens" 
Pack cargo 
What life is, in a tune 
In-house publication 
Geese formations 
Former mates 
Deli loaves 
Wear in bad weather? 
Dallas hoopster, briefly 
Cookbook entry 
Waste of a vote? 
They're certainly not dreamers 
Academic distinctions 
They run up in bars 
'The Voice' network 
'Get well soon' 
Teenager's time limit 
'for the Misbegotten' 
Surname among the "Good Times" cast
Woolly mammal 
Rustlers' chasers 
Home to 11-Down's parents 
Small spasms 
Striker's Benedict Arnold 
Was inactive 
Trim the topiary 
President before Millard 
Practical joker's gadget 
Small parasite 
Second or third TV showing 
Polygon corner 
Oxford features 
Put on the spot? 
Monticello, for one 
Premise of many sitcoms 
Literary plantation 
Legal forgiveness 
Polar wee one 
Joined a mailing list 
Pageant winner's headgear 
Hymn closers 
Movies, slangily 
Org. for MDs 
Org. governing air traffic 
Fragrant flower 
Daily routines 
Dr. Seuss' environmental character 
One place for hay 
Classic 1953 western 
Narc follower? 
Alimony payers 
'Orinoco Flow' singer 
Miscellaneous collection 
Middle of the month 
Perrier alternative 
Pound a Selectric 
Ida (Tater Tots maker) 
Lose the derby? 
Log-transport channel 
Team with a mule mascot 
J.K. Rowling is one 
Scuba tankful 
It may be iced when it's warm outside 
Sgts.' superiors 
Stares stupidly 
He worked with couples 
Greek counterpart of Mars 
Fail to match, as colors 
English bloke 
Pop-up intrusions 
Easy to get along with 
Nut mix morsel 
Ones with beefs 
Cookie that can be disassembled 
Cattle call handout 
One of Spain's Balearic Islands 
'30s art type 
Assist an arsonist, e.g 
Difficult puzzle, e.g 
Mideast's ___ Strip 
Coupling devices for farm animals 
Matchstick-removing game 
Devices to catch the unsuspecting 
Looked after Junior 
Long, hard trip 
Jackie O's husband, in tabloids 
Ivory or Coast 
Kaiser or czar 
How ham may be served 
Catch sight of from a distance 
Helen of Troy's abductor 
Become aware of 
Have a go at 
Guitar neck ridge 
Goes after "it" 
Anxiety stimulus 
Go toe-to-toe 
GEICO mascot 
Fuse rating unit 
"While" leader of old 
Feed, as a fire 
"Guarding ___" (MacLaine movie) 
Fails to keep up 
"Am I my brother's keeper?" speaker 
Eye lecherously 
Editor's "leave it" 
Dreadlocks sporter, for short 
Dieter's entree 
Demands silence from 
2014 Winter Olympics site 
Coffee break time, maybe 
Chipotle Mexican Grill offering 
Chem class component 
Sidecar ingredient 
Word after going or before hike 
1980s-'90s talent show 
Still vying 
"___ hardly wait!" 
Where Ulysses rests 
"This can't be!" 
"The Killing" star Mireille 
"The Hunger Games" star from Australia 
Slovenia neighbor, to the IOC 
"Les Miserables" actor from Australia 
"Elizabeth" star from Australia 
Singer of complex songs 
Singer Lambert with the album "Trespassing" 
"Brokeback Mountain" star from Australia 
Shout after the last shot 
Short-lived '80s sports org 
Quo warranto, e.g 
Pulls some strings? 
Publisher Ochs 
Popular toy, for short 
Penn, for one 
Michael's brother in "Prison Break" 
Part of Beverly Hills' Golden Triangle 
New Mexican? 
Oldies syllable 
blue (crimson alternative)
Word in three "Yellow Submarine" instrumental titles
With 58 Down, Yukon Quest participant
Whence comes "Santa Claus"
Mine finder 
Warming-up results
Make full 
What may accompany a facepalm
Timetable, latterly
Kind of magnetism 
Term in baseball, golf and tennis
Survivalist necessity
Happy __: old snack brand mascot 
The FAA approved it for cockpits in 2011
Grammy-winning Santana song 
Gable neighbor 
Emulates a bad waiter? 
Driver's protest 
Emotion betrayer 
Something handled by TaskRabbit
Some spiral systems
Emergency op 
Something given to heroes
Smashin' fruit punch brand
Scottish form of a "Great" ruler's name
Saul's soldier in Samuel
Recondite revelator
Random squawking
Crisply and detached, to an orch 
City on the Firth of Clyde 
Production in creases
Came together again 
On __ (all things considered)
Bit of fishing attire 
Product made from ti leaves
Paleoclimatology subject
At the store, perhaps 
Mobile Justice app source
Angiography concern 
Long-term careerists
Meaning of the Greek root of "zodiac"
"The Winds of War" actress 
"The Legend of Zelda" currency 
Literature Nobelist 23 years after GBS
Literary "greatest schemer of all time"
Leak-prone auto part
Kimchi quesadilla category
"The Lion King" composer Hans 
Judge Judy syndicator
It must often be entered headfirst
Indies, vis-à-vis blockbusters
"Mission: Impossible" theme composer Schifrin 
"Love in the First Degree" all-female group 
Former combat-boot insole material
Flaubert's floor
Exclamation of exasperation
Easter might follow it
Do some chilling
Cry of apprehension
Cry of apprehension
Comic interpreter for "No Drama Obama"
Convertible in the first Daytona 500
City on El Camino Real
Certain bum's rush
Billy the Kid, in "Young Guns"
AT&T Park "splash hits"
Antonym of "eu-"
Able to give it one's all again
Words with premium or discount 
Where or why, to Claudius 
War loser, usually 
Volleyball spikes 
View from Sagarmatha National Park 
WWII troop carrier
Utensil at an extraterrestrial barbershop? 
Unruly event
Trick winner, often 
TV show referenced in 'Bossypants'
Stud holder
Torquemada's burial site 
Throaty interruption
There's a lot of interest in his work 
Suffix with smack
The incomparable Caruso? 
The fifth element 
Tepees and townhouses 
Spring growth
Sure win 
Sphere of Earth
Reason to be barred by a bouncer, briefly
Stressed type: Abbr 
Rare indication?
Sign at the end of a ramp 
Publication for groupies of the Beatles, e.g
One of the Olympic equestrian sports 
Sics one's attorney on 
Pronounce indistinctly
Meet heat 
Pollen gatherer
Spots for stockers 
Perfect example for being robust
Share in a business 
Medieval laborer
Seaman whose boat's in the repair shop? 
Material geared toward younger readers, briefly
Mannerly reply from Tom or Huck
Screening org 
London insurance giant
Live and breathe
Like many Steven Seagal characters
Rubio's hometown 
Rondeau writer 
Rio slum 
Reverse, e.g 
Ocean Spray tidbit 
Source of the Niagara 
Site of some strikes 
Selfie, e.g 
Indian tourist city
It's often performed in double and triple versions
Indian spiced tea
Holiday song closer
He portrayed Fischer in 'Pawn Sacrifice'
Fictional captain with a fixation
Father of Cordelia
Far from land, quite possibly
Emotional temperaments
Salsa bit 
Chop shop arrival
Body of water that once filled most of Yosemite Valley
Celeb's wheels
Can't stand
Burnt popcorn trait
'I found what you're searching for!'
Reiterating words 
Red Sox catcher Sandy 
Active leader?
Radius counterpart 
Academic period
Quote the raven 
Pol's concern 
'H.M.S. Pinafore,' for one
'Aladdin' prince
Parachute material 
on-Thames (regatta site)
Land, 1954 Kirk Douglas sci-fi role
One of the Amati family of violin makers 
Williams, Potsie player on 'Happy Days'
Old business letter start 
Tower Gardens, National Historic Landmark in Florida
Octane, e.g 
Washington Sq. Park squad
Very large, informally
Now or before 
Tall tale producer?
Notre Dame end zone? 
Money or Fortune, for short 
Supportive cries
Not virtual 
Subject of the biography 'Lightning in His Hand'
Nejd native 
Something to live for
Needing no fasteners 
Seeing right through
Mufflers, e.g 
Quick on the uptake
Moonshine container 
Quality wool source
Plot lines
Paralyzes, in a way
Many a Univision viewer 
Ones put on retainer?
Many purchased games 
One-stop shopping spot
One not yet one, say
Make quake 
One might be involved in a sting
Make a long-distance call, perhaps 
Old-fashioned auto feature
Obama's first Homeland Security secretary
Mountain lakes
Most TV Land programming
Marcos of the Philippines
Like Alzheimer's disease
Like a Navy seal
Leaving nothing out
John Wayne title role
It's an imposition
Imprinting tool
Hawkeye State city
Levi's Stadium pro 
Girl's name in which the last three letters are equivalent to the first?
Frederick Forsyth thriller 'The ___ File'
Four-for-four Super Bowl-winning QB
Foreign term of address
Education's ___ Tech
Like Berg's music 
Edmond ___, the Count of Monte Cristo
Dark brown quartz sometimes sold as a gemstone
In a practical manner 
Is suspended 
Currency in Freetown
Hoof sound 
LAX posting 
Harry's veep 
King Midas's pet reptile? 
Gradually diminish 
Kid in the funny papers? 
Colorful ornamental with a trunk
Julius, in Gaius Julius Caesar, and others 
Jerry Lee Lewis song '___ Be Me' 
Battleship guess
Backing for a cartoonist
Good, for gondoliers 
Island group in the Bahamas 
In a practical manner 
All the suspects in 'The Usual Suspects'
Advance look, commercially
Acupuncturist's supply
53rd 'state quarter' locale
Handler on TV 
'What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta,' e.g
Grimly ominous bit of gossip? 
'Two Years Before the Mast' author
'OMG, that's enough!'
'Not another bite for me!'
Fourth-yr. class 
Forgetful actor's request 
Flu-monitoring gp 
Diving maneuvers 
Change dramatically 
Fill for a Holstein's stein? 
Estimated time of delivery 
Brainy bunch 
End of many addresses 
Depressing, in odes 
Cue ball cover 
Cruiser's home 
Cruiser letters 
Cries from the bleachers 
CPR expert 
Contaminate, in a way 
Component of 103-Across 
Command to Rover 
Colored ring 
Class that may give you problems 
Choose not to fold or raise 
Chiquita competitor 
Casting pro 
Cancun coverup 
Broken up 
Book before Nehemiah 
Bo's family 
Bitterness among the troops? 
Big D B-baller 
Big chronicle 
Best of the fragrant trees? 
Berth place 
Be on the same page 
Basement with a cement floor? 
Banana Boat letters 
Average of cinq and neuf 
Anthem opening 
Address used among Friends 
'___ fair in…' 
'You're in my way!' 
'Tiny Bubbles' singer 
'The Ultimate Home and Beauty Tool' 
'Battlestar Galactica' commander 

Mordo – Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 19.08.2016

Mordo – Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 19.08.2016

Deal with extremes of patent's impact
Clare admits it is about time in Mediterranean
Bails out women's institute for having a word with the man upstairs
del Sol
at ease
Zebra relative
Young goat
Western address?
Turkish governors of yore
Vatican vestment
Tranquil scenes (Var.)
Texas shrine to remember
T. ___ (dinosaur)
Sunflower yield
Subject to a limit, like a payroll
Sub outlet
Study of the juvenile mind
Sneak ___ (glimpse)
Scottish terrier
Saved for the future
Rural road feature
Rubber glove material
Room's color scheme and furniture
Reddish color
Rapt and then some
Places for pews
Part of a birthday suit
Over your head
Not of the clergy
Military mix-up
Mess or first-aid
Mature insect stage
Male and female
Living-room items
Like good lessons for students
Knocks down in a ring
Kind of gun for speeders
Having a ho-hum attitude
Hallucinogenic initials
Herringlike food fish
Frequently, in poems
Forbidden perfume brand?
Fly with eagles
First appearance, as of symptoms
Cookie many take apart
Water park fixture 
Computer data amount
Rod with seven batting championships 
Chip's cartoon buddy
Tree of the birch family 
Traveler on foot 
Chinese philosopher ___-tze
Chicken ___ king
Store belowdecks 
Starts the pot 
Big-top figure
Being delusional
Source of igneous rock 
Some saxophones 
And others, in footnotes
"Stop right there!"
Sesame extract 
"Maria ___" (old tune)
"Et tu, Brute?" day
"A Death in the Family" writer James
Rough Rider's nickname 
What a shocking thing to say
Wrathful states
Rm. coolers 
Word after shooting or curling
Rival of Hertz and Alamo 
Woodard's director in 'Crooklyn'
Without a break
What a suitor pitches
Welterweight's weapons
Rathskeller order 
Wasn't seaworthy, in a way
Radioer's "back to you" 
Turkey, for one
Puts up 
Three-time George Burns role
Substance with a pH above seven
The Queen of Hearts, vis-à-vis Wonderland
Of yesteryear 
Successful eBay lister
O. Henry device 
Standards of perfection
Mountaineer's descent 
South Pacific kingdom
Some Greenland dwellers
Microsoft slide show software 
Shape whose interior angles total 1,260 degrees
Melon discard 
"That ___ say . . ." 
Seeks help from
Fix, as fences 
Melon discard 
Refs' decisions, at times
Provide energy to
Many an MTV viewer 
Patronize Spago or Sardi's
Liberal pursuits 
Outburst of astonishment
Obstacles to objectivity
Impede, as progress 
Observance involving the Four Questions
NBC show first hosted by George Carlin
Gin flavoring 
Muskogee resident of classic country
Food giant whose brands include Hebrew National 
Follow orders 
Material sought in a rush
Monogram on a Cardinal cap
Foch of "Spartacus" 
Makes like Old Faithful
Let the cat out of the bag
Lawyer's 'concerning this'
Fender bender evidence 
Bureaucratic delays 
Deck with pentacles 
Eat ___ (be humiliated) 
Duller of the senses 
Lake recreation option
Knee-revealing garment
Cavern sound 
Joint often seen by shoe store clerks
All tensed up 
Invite to visit the penthouse
"Rebel-'Rouser" guitarist Duane 
Incur a cell phone surcharge, perhaps
In a sharp-toned manner
Brushing, flossing, etc 
Having been torn apart
Assigned scores to 
Frasier Crane's service
Assign new actors to 
For face value
Fish in some dragon rolls
Artificial playing surface 
Expression of disapproval, each part of which appears in 17-, 29-, and 45-Across
Establish a link with
Earthling, to Beldar Conehead
"Silent ___" Coolidge 
Carpeters' calculations
County on San Francisco Bay
Car radio button
Captain Kirk's journal
Blues musician Mahal
Beverage high in antioxidants
Barack nominated her for the Supreme Court in 2010
Banded venomous snake
Ball-balancing barkers
Ancient inscription letter
Airline with a globe logo
Airer of telly programmes
2007 Senate resigner Trent
2003-'07 Saturn model
1994 Jodie Foster drama
'Vexations' composer Erik
Texas city
Parking ticket dodger
NASA moon craft
IRS employees
Fender bender
Charlotte and Norma
Almanac data
'Baseball Tonight' channel
' do for now'
Turkish peak
Truck driver
Tankard's cousin
Tadpole, e.g
Some collectibles
Sewing kit collection
Sales rep's handouts
Refiner's supply
Projectile path
Polonius' son
Go hungry
Industrious worker
Finish the cake
Designer Giorgio
Desert spots
Brooklyn team
Brews, as tea
Abacus units
Work group 
Wiped out 
Vladimir's veto 
Very heart 
Verbal white flag 
Unkempt assemblage 
Treble reed 
Third-century starter 
Talk idly 
Taking notes, studying, etc 
Take the lead 
Stop resisting 
Some picture frames 
Slowly, on scores 
Slim margin 
Skill evaluation 
Room full of mice 
Rink ploy 
Restless feeling 
Quaint expletive 
Poetic adverb 
Place holder 
Phrase on vegans' T-shirts 
Old-time country singer, sometimes 
It's southeast of Punxsutawney 
Not easily moved 
Net business 
Neglect to have 
Mother's Day bouquet, say 
Long-legged wader 
LBJ's VP predecessor 
It's southeast of Punxsutawney 
It means "celestial" 
It may come out in the wash 
Ingredients in some shampoos 
How "Billboard" comes out 
Having what it takes 
Had met 
Gilligan's boat 
Genghis Khan follower 
Form of silica 
Fiesta fare 
Fiery flow 
Familiar episode 
Dry as a desert 
Damage control org 
Course of events 
Certain blockers 
Beat to a pulp 
Awfully slow 
'90s heavyweight champ 
"World's worst dog" in a 2005 book 
"World's Online Marketplace" 
"Leading with My Chin" author 
"Dark Matter" airer 
". . . you get the idea" 
Young partner 
Wig out 
West Indian sorcery 
Uvula doc 
Universal donor’s type, briefly 
Underwear brand 
Twain’s New York resting place 
TV sched.uncertainly 
Tool sometimes u sed for steering
Thorny thicket 
Thirst quencher 
Stake-driving hammer 
Sound often not allowed? 
Some caviar 
Sizable chunk 
Sarcophagus holder 
Safe to put away 
Roll at the airport 
Reason kept to oneself 
Part of a chain 
Old Venetian magistrate 
NYC commuter line 
Not the best of time 
Maroon 5 singer Levine 
Lunchbox staple, familiarly 
Low-cost home loan org. 
Literary monogram 
Letters left of center? 
Leisurely lakeside activity, and a clue for the circled letters 
Lake of Lombardy 
Johnny Olson catchphrase 
Guitar players, slangily 
Green attitude? 
Golf bag item 
Former Vietnamese emperor Bao __ 
First name in despotism 
Encourage to score, as a base runner 
Dust jacket info 
Defense acronym 
Country singer Clark 
Country about 12 times longer than its widest point 
Counter square 
Cold weather word 
Cinephile’s TV choice 
Carne follower, in Mexican fare 
Carefree syllable 
Bum rap 
Boy in the first family 
Barack Obama, astrologically 
Auto company founder Citreon 
Aunt with a “Cope Book” 
1953 automobile innovation 
“Make iy snappy!” 
“It __ Right”: 1956 Platters’ hit 
“If __ again I meet him beard to beard ..”: Shak. 
“Evita” role 
“Anaconda” rapper Nicki 
Yom Kippur War leader 
Yeah, why not!? 
When repeated, spouse’s complaint 
What blowhards blow 
Was on the cast of 
Walter ___, Dodgers manager before Tommy Lasorda 
Trust issue? 
Took by force 
They’re put in for work 
They may grab a bite 
They may be settled over drinks 
The Fox and the Hound fox 
The Antichrist, with “the” 
Sr. stress source 
Song that starts “Hate New York City / It’s cold and it’s damp” 
Slowly picked up 
Secluded spaces 
Rush, e.g. 
Road sign silhouette 
Reznor of Nine Inch Nails 
Person with a lot on his plate? 
People thinking on their feet? 
On the hoof, in diner lingo 
Kim Jong-un, for one 
On end, to Donne 
Non-humanities acronym 
Nonactor with cameos in more than 20 Marvel movies 
Medium for many 13-Down 
Lisbon lady 
Let’s do this! 
Large-scale detail 
If you ask me …, for short 
Hometown of Columbus 
Good for sledding, say 
Give a Yelp review, say 
Gender-neutral possessive 
Gendered “Seinfeld” accessory 
Federal div. concerned with gas consumption 
Entertainment for general audiences? : USOTOUR 
Emmy-winning Susan Lucci role 
Early Judaic sect 
Done for 
Dish that often has pea pods 
Concert needs, for short 
Collection at the Musee d’Orsay 
Certain grenade, for short 
Came down with 
Brand whose first commercial featured a cable car 
Bleeding Love singer Lewis 
Beatles title girl with a “little white book” 
America, informally 
___ Fierce (onetime Beyonce alter ego) 
I find this mildly amusing 

Mordo – Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 18.08.2016

Mordo – Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 18.08.2016

WWII sub
With merriment
Tierra Fuego
Stockbroker's advice
Mischievous Norse god
Luminescent insect
Chick's mom
Charlie Parker's instrument
Biblical dancer
'Wheel of Fortune' finale
' Renee' (1960s hit)
Worship site
To a greater extent
They move on cushions of air
Rubber source
Recital works
Protest participant
Picnic container
Physique, slangily
Magnet end
Lingerie buy
Chophouse order
Kagan of the Supreme Court
Cain's brother
What most humans are
Whispered entreaty
What wrestlers practice?
Violently release lava
That is, in Latin
Television tuner of old
Swan constellation
Reverse, as a mistake
Something apartment renters can't get
Word that can follow the first parts of 17- and 60-Across and 11- and 27-Down to form baseball terms 
Raised mark on the skin
Put up, as a picture
Wallach of “The Godfather Part III” 
Postpone to a later date
Turned off, as sound 
Pole that may have many faces
Trousers, informally 
Of some benefit
Places to get muddied up
Tennis do-over 
Pharmacist's dispensations
Targets of sutures 
Musical ensemble of eight
Take the gold 
Mrs. Hudson, to Sherlock Holmes
Taco ingredient 
More like a puppy dog
Study intently 
Lithium-battery link
Length x width, for a rectangle
Lengthy suit sizes
SpaceX CEO Musk 
Some resort locales 
It's for two only
Solid precipitation 
Slight variation of color 
Site of many Hollywood stars 
Service station goo 
Schooner beverage 
Sch. near Harvard 
Royal flush part 
Resounding, like a canyon 
Pouting look 
Infamous abductors
It brings a smile to a miner's face
It may include the sniffles
It turns Santa's suit black
Political payoff 
Play backdrop 
Place for an iron rooster 
Personally close to 
Hair options
One of Rickey Henderson’s record 1,406 
Great Barrier Reef makeup
Moulin Rouge city 
Former Iranian leaders
Examine hastily
Middleton of royalty 
Electric power measure
Joy Adamson’s lioness 
Less hospitable 
Incite fisticuffs 
Make ecstatic 
Drink by the yard
Lifesaving team, briefly 
Deepen, as a channel
Cornbread concoction
Charlemagne's domain
Kinski title role of 1979 
Censored material
Campus meeting place
John __ & Sons (Scotch maker) 
C-shaped carpentry gadget
Jabbed in the ribs 
BP Amoco's acquisition
Advocate forcefully
Big name in copiers, once
Battle reminders
Exhale audibly 
Housemate of Garfield 
Hobby shop kit 
Airborne annoyances
Hendrix at Woodstock 
Head an effort 
Gentle touches 
Add the audio
Game summary 
A friend in war
Formally hand over 
Food and sehelter, for two 
Flying Clouds of old autodom 
"Rolling in the Deep" chanteuse
"Jack of all trades, master of ___"
Easily split mineral 
Bend at a barre 
Did as directed 
Did a stud’s work 
Deliver, as Muzak 
Cryptographer’s org. 
Completed at Henley 
Capacitance unit 
Bug big-time 
Broken mirror, to some 
Bookie’s figures 
Berry of “Die Another Day” 
Be suitable for 
Bank protector 
Astronaut’s wear 
__-K (school for tots) 
__ out (barely manage) 
“This won’t hurt __!” 
“Think nothing __!” 
“Pronto!” letters 
“Little” Dickens heroine 
“Escales” composer Jacques 
“Benevolent” order 
“Be silent,” in music 
“__ boom bah!” 
Mama (rum-based tropical cocktail)
Women's wellness magazine since 1979
Type of tax-advantaged bond, for short
Tesserae art
Sign of things to come
Start to puncture?
Words on Alice’s cake 
Sound made by an Alka-Seltzer tablet
Unvarnished .. Or like the end of the answers to starred clues? 
They catch a lot of waves 
Sign in a broadcast booth
Sound check item 
Sequel to 'Angela's Ashes'
Slugger with the most career grand slam HRs 
Ready, willing, and able
New Rochelle college 
Silver and gold 
Projectile tossed on Temple Beth Shalom's annual whale hunt?
Show off, in a way 
Screen signal
PayPal's parent, once
Prepare to start over, perhaps 
Not rush hour
Pooh pal 
New Balance rival
Pilot, or a prefix with pilot 
Mil. branch that wanted you to 'be all you can be'
Photobucket alternative 
One whp is often disorderly 
Midway souvenir?
One of the two 
Not for kids 
Mayor who later presided over 'The People's Court'
Marvel Comics character played thrice by Wesley Snipes
Marcos with an enormous shoe collection
Largest Mississippi River feeder by volume 
Madeline of 'Blazing Saddles'
Lean and strong 
Latin words of clarification
Match.com goal 
Liver nutrient 
Judy Garland's surname, at birth
Motorcycle cop, perhaps 
Joe's 'Midnight Cowboy' sidekick, played by Dustin Hoffman
It's never in the nominative case
Mary-in-mourning sculpture 
Island divided among Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia
It came before the pullus in ancient Rome … or did it?
Make a misstep 
Long-plumed fisher 
Imperiled atmospheric layer
Hook and sinker's partner
Home of the Kon-Tiki Museum
Large server 
Hockey legend Phil, to his fans
Lacking energy 
Fuzzy fabric lump
Ice cream brand introduced 1866 
Hiddleston who plays Loki in “Thor” 
Enshrouds in Charmin, colloquially
Ernie on the links
Colon pair 
Civil wrong 
Giza neighbor 
Gibbs of “The Jeffersons” 
Flood survivor 
Fast-food pork sandwich 
Either of the two lead characters in 'Dumb & Dumber'?
Egyptian snake 
Dry as a bone
Early video game letters 
Diminutive Cooper
Do nothing 
Defunct cable channel on which 'Star Trek: Voyager' debuted
Decoratively sculpted tube pan
Charlotte or Ballet follower
Caribbean vacation spot 
Cartel letters
Blue-roofed restaurant chain 
California coastal city for which a Barbie was named
Barista offering 
Blue Moon Belgian White and Anchor Liberty
Birthstone of many a Taurus
Answers briefly? 
Antisaddlebag procedure, for short
Animated short promoting the new iPhone?
Alicia Keys record label 
1805 Beethoven premiere 
Shopping area loiterer 
Action's opposite, in a saying
Accomplish on behalf of
Put in long hours 
2001 Odyssey, in 'Saturday Night Fever'
Dramatic gridiron pass 
'Spare me the details!'
“Wait Wait .. Don’t Tell Me!” airer 
'Little' Dickens heroine
“The Vampire Chronicles” novelist 
'A good walk spoiled,' per Mark Twain
“Now I get it” 
“Live” sign 
“Let’s hear the story!” 
“As a result ..” 
“__: Legacy”: sci-fi sequel 
What's here 
Waste no time 
Turns loose 
Tarot deck grouping 
Surly one 
Sudden increase 
Stands up to 
Spielberg's Oskar 
Soy-based soup 
Snooze symbol 
Smooths out 
Smooth out 
Sikorsky of aviation 
Short trips 
Sans decorations 
Pricey writing paper 
Power source 
Play for a fool 
Out of one's thoughts 
Org-chart section 
Office agreement 
Now, in legalese 
Nile queen, for short 
Mother of some pups 
Memo imperative 
Marlin, for instance 
Lauren colleague 
Land east of Valencia 
Key particles in cloud electrification 
Ivy Leaguers 
It's not serious 
It may come between money and everything 
White tiger, e.g 
Immodest pursuit 
Visitor to Siam 
Homer Simpson's hangout 
Do roadwork, say 
Headlight bulbs 
Good: Lat 
First chip in the pot 
Euro predecessors 
Utopian episode 
Element in fine watches 
Turned ten into a thousand 
They're good for what ails you 
Contractual recipient 
Target for a masseur 
City near Delhi 
Catherine of Aragon's mom 
Cast-iron component 
Carmela on "The Sopranos" 
Burger serving 
Bass output 
Great-grandfather of Moses 
Brief brawl 
Pontypool people 
Pierce player 
Bolt the sprinter 
Blue Grotto locale 
Bass output 
Bit of chat shorthand 
Some are induced 
Bean in some stews 
Be off-base 
Snap indicator 
Be next to 
Auto with a trident logo 
Rewarded for a job well done 
Aussie exports 
Moon display? 
Local group 
Painful reprimand 
Oz in the bookstore 
Gets a newer phone, say 
One chained to a desk 
Not quite free of bugs 
North America/Europe twin cities 
Mrs., in Mexico 
Like some big plates 
Like lots 
Ill-suited for growing 
Home invader 
Applies, as barbecue spices 
Gene's 'Young Frankenstein' co-star 
Funky quality 
Frenetically busy 
"I Am Spock" author 
Evangelist's handout 
Europe/Middle East twin cities 
Euro division 
Entertaining pros 
Emergency room annoyance 
Edit menu choice 
Diving position 
Diving device 
Dark brown shade 
Danger for small boats 
Criminal charge? 
Completely baffled 
Zero, in sports slang 
Clairvoyance and the like 
You betcha! 
Councilor's place 
Word after prime or cut 
Word after hot or before kit 
Upholsterer’s stock 
Comic Sykes 
Universe of Energy locale 
Collectors do it 
Two-syllable cheer 
This, appropriately 
Cashew family member 
Booms, e.g 
Bob and others 
There’s this thing called Google 
Become involved 
Subway station feature 
Attendee, in combinations 
The Grapes of Wrath itinerant 
Attacked an attacker 
Smokes once touted by Willie the penguin 
Answers after two rings 
Sarge’s “Sell my city bonds!” telegram? 
Ancestry.com determination 
Rock-paper-scissors, by another name 
Aaron Paul's 'Breaking Bad' role 
Pounds, for example 
2006 Andrea Bocelli album 
Popular game with the sequel Riven 
Pen name 
'Whoa now!' 
One of the Dolomites 
Olympic racing event 
'Knowing Me, Knowing You' group 
'Emerson Concerto' composer 
'Anywhere But Here' novelist Simpson 
Noted trans-Atlantic voyager 
One of the Coen brothers 
Odor-Eaters product 
Not the main food allotment for one on an intel mission? 
Noodle count in one of Arizona’s largest cities? 
Newspaper with the headline “Mystery Hero Saves Falling Space Plane” 
New York Times pieces since 1970 
Mount in Greek myth 
March locale of note 
Many investig ators’ leads 
Lotion ingredient 
Listing in un annuaire 
Like the cinnamon in babka 
Like best buds 
Kind of flute 
It’s so typical 
Ingredient in Christmas pudding 
In scorin g position, say 
Here/there connector 
Hang back 
Hail, e.g. 
Gentle reminder 
Gay who wrote “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold” 
Flared dress 
Fitzgerald of old “Is it live, or is it Memorex?” ads 
Faux bronze 
Energy-saving mode 
Ear parts 
Drinks with plenty of vermouth 
Dream time, for short 
Dosimeter reading 
Did a tour after joining up? 
Delegation at the Oslo Accords 
Corp. recruiters’ targets 
Chops up 
Car modified into the Monkeemobile 
Biblical mount 
Beat the drum for 
Be on the level? 
Actor ___ Elba 
Abbr. that usually follows a comma 
___ You (1975 #1 Minnie Riperton hit) 

Mordo – Crossword clue | CROSSWORD PUZZLE ANSWERS PART A 17.08.2016

Up for it
Tricky crossword, perhaps
Summer on the Seine
Sheepish remarks
Pop's sister
Minnows' relatives
Italian sandwich
Hollywood's 'Elephant Boy'
Halloween outing
Composer Ned
Final life story
From Athens
Go yachting
Charlie Brown's sister
'Pygmalion' monogram
Useful skill
Time in office
Speaks explosively in anger
Sign of error
Prayer finish
Ouzo flavor
Infield corner
Heart, for one
German conjunction
Gauge setting
CBer's need
Brat's opposite
Beanie or beret
Angled pipe
Major (Big Dipper constellation)
Your equal in society
Word with "business" or "life"
Word screamed by soccer announcers
What manicurists do
What anything can be in front of?
Type of bean or milk (Var.)
Stands totally apart
Split down the middle
Shun caution
Rise in opposition
Quote, as a passage
Priority Mail agcy
Part of a sportscast
Natural fertilizer source
Napoleon's punishment
Mythical goat-legged reveler
Mosaic, for one
Minimal bikini bottom
Market used merchandise
Web-footed mammal 
Sans-serif typeface 
Still-life jug 
Make a new preliminary sketch, e.g
Major time period
Like fine scotch
Al who created Li’l Abner 
Pee Wee in Cooperstown 
Shady retreat 
Tickle the fancy of 
Yawn-inducing sort 
Wedding cake layer 
Unique person 
Turns back to 000 
Treat with a lickable center 
Leave in haste, as a cat
Junkyard canine
The Gaslight 
Is allowed to, to Shakespeare
Itsy-bitsy parasite
Telegraph taps 
Itsy-bitsy amount
It gets on one's nerves
Talk fresh to 
Greedy sort, animal-wise
Stout order 
Gomer of Mayberry
Fly-trapping sticky stuff
Email filter target
Diplomat's skill
Starting on 
Compass drawings
Spheres of interest 
Combine numbers
Celebrity ribbing event
Sat for a shoot 
Caspian Sea tributary
Cake with a kick
Replaceable joint 
Burnout preventer, often
Right-leaning section of a political map 
Building locations
Bundling cotton
Restrained, as a flow 
Baker's dozen minus three
Relatives acquired by marriage 
Attack, as a wasp
Regatta tool 
At times it's upped
Rear-__ (auto mishap) 
Ran on TV
Amount of laundry
"As before," in footnotes
Raises, as young 
a soul (no one)
Perfume amount 
WKRP newsman Nessman
With 'The,' 2008 thriller featuring the Joker
Like a soft persimmon 
Tiny colony member
Make porter, say 
Take the initiative
Necco candy bit 
Swim, bike, and run event, for short
Stops along the road
Orthodontic devices 
Start of many a countdown
Significant ___ (partner)
Russian writer Turgenev
One of Mayberry’s Pyles 
Oath of Office need 
Really needled
Not easily excited 
Radar O'Reilly's beloved state
Groucho’s cigar, e.g. 
Polk's predecessor
Parks of civil disobedience fame
Niacin and riboflavin, for two 
News agcy. founded in 1907 
Org. once led by Ulysses S. Grant
On the up-and-up
Needing two airline seats, say 
On the same side
Official decree
Mermaid in 'The Little Mermaid'
Lovegood of the Harry Potter books
Loud, like the surf 
Letters on some fashion labels
Last name of two presidents
Like bar snacks, usually 
Jazz writer Hentoff
It might be open at a bar
Leave slack-jawed 
It breaks every morning
It's sometimes used with Ctrl and Del
Essayist’s page 
Groucho’s cigar, e.g. 
It may be paper or plastic
Fit snugly 
Fence or wall 
Fat in a can 
Give birth at the farm?
Force felt on Earth, briefly
Frenchman's noggin
Ford used as some cop vehicles, in slang
Emulated Pavlov’s dogs 
Flatow of 'Science Friday'
Eggs served with sushi 
“The final frontier” 
Early foe of 007 
English philosopher William of 
Dorothy’s transport to Oz 
Drift far and wide
Domino end with three dots 
Displaying pluckiness
Dolly in “Hello, Dolly!” 
Decides people's fates
Devious person
Dessert of cooked fruit 
Derek Jeter’s number 
Crimson Tide’s school 
Covers with Charmin, for short
Capital of Tibet
Cara of “Fame” 
Basks in the moment
Caesar of 1950s TV 
Bacteriologist's dish
British coppers 
African country that's ready for action?
Biblical scene of cacophony 
'You can say that again!'
'That's enough out of you!'
'That's a snap!'
Ab __ (from the beginning) 
'Please don't force me to do that, mob enforcer!'?
2005 Richard Gere movie 
“Happy Motoring!” brand of early TV 
'But let me get back to my point'
2000 Subway Series player 
'Beetle Bailey' character with big front teeth
“SNL” part 
Or __!” (ultimatum words) 
“Maude” star 
Take too far 
UK TV network 
Three-__ (office attire) 
Sets firmly 
Wife of Zeus 
Welcome Center freebie 
Way into a room 
Walk with a swagger 
Voting group 
Track event 
Three-__ (sidewalk scam) 
Three-__ (phoniness symbol) 
Three-__ (notebook type) 
Surrounded by 
Stood up 
Stick weapon 
Steals from 
Part of the eye 
Stares openly 
Some HDTVs 
Rowboat implement 
Rolled-up lunch 
Practicing, as a trade 
Road paths 
Right, on a map 
Quick looks 
Leave the pier 
Podiatry concerns 
More jittery 
Pigpen comment 
Pas' partners 
Part of TGIF 
Pack neatly 
No great shakes 
Nation n. of Mexico 
Mine extraction 
Melt a winter glaze from 
Mariner's greeting 
Line on a to-do list 
Less disheveled 
Leftover matter 
Layer of a cake 
Late-blooming flower 
Labor leader Chavez 
In this spot 
Hot-water gusher 
Hill's high point 
Hairdo stiffener 
Complainer, so to speak 
Gross distortion 
Greek Cupid 
Fail to notice 
County near London 
Snacks with a New England lighthouse on the package 
Treadmill setting 
Traveling convenience 
Title character in a Beatles ‘White Album” song 
Ties with clasps 
Tic-tac-toe loser 
Every 24 hours 
Subj. for many an au pair 
Critics' blessings 
Spanish parlor 
Software security update 
Complainer, so to speak 
Beach locale 
Shutterfly order: Abbr. 
City on the Rio Grande 
Astronauts' starting point 
Chill out 
Salve additive 
Readily available, as a doctor 
Art on an arm, for short 
Predecessors of euros 
Play well with others 
Basketball arbiter 
Period preserved by a district in Williamsburg Virginia 
Partnered in crime 
Paper unit 
Ornamental pond fish 
"¿Cómo __ usted?" 
One usually follows a comma 
Newscaster Lindstrom 
Morning blend 
Monaco attraction 
Michael who played Worf on “Star Trek: T.N.G.” 
"__ Lisa" (da Vinci work) 
Mama bear, in Mexico 
"To reiterate . . ." 
Los Angeles Angels, in sportscasts 
Lennon’s widow 
"The Raven" monogram 
Knitting supply 
"Let's suppose . . ." 
Just painted 
Ill. Neighbor 
Green subj. 
Glorifying works 
Get together in secret? 
Frugal sort 
Foft-spoken painter Bob 
Finish a flight 
Fill in for 
Dutch beer named for a river 
Drained of color 
Doone of fiction and cookies 
Dip for veggies 
Denver-to-chicago dir. 
Cry softly 
Colour ending 
Capitale in which “La Dolce Vita” was filmed 
Calls before a criminal court 
Bump-log link 
Buf-__: facial sponge brand 
Bright bloom 
Book jacket parts 
Basketball move 
Ancient Aegean region 
Advised urgently 
1998 Alanis Morissete hit 
__ Peachik: flavored vodka 
“What’s gotten __ you?” 
“Never Wave at __”: Rosalind Russell film 
“My Cousin Vinny” star 
“Beauty and the Beast” beauty 
Work for one on the injured list 
With 29-Down, jumbled 
Wingtip width 
Williams’s partner in the paint business 
Trip odometer button 
Toothless fish 
Square-ended boat 
Singer whose last name is Gumundsdottir 
See 60-Down 
Section with a semidome 
Santa ___, California 
Romantic hopeful 
Robert of ‘The Sopranos’ 
Rick’s pianist 
Reserve for Christmas, perhaps 
Preparing for delivery 
Mentally prepares for an ordeal 
Massey of the Marx Brothers movie ‘Love Happy’ 
Pen knives? 
Oscar-winning screenwriter Robert 
Old-fashioned spot? 
Nay voters 
Mojave flora 
Like some flaws 
Like carbonara sauce 
Leaving the company, in a way 
Lamb tenders 
Lamb pieces 
Known earlier as 
Joint ownership word 
It could result from a torn ACL 
Inasmuch as 
Honey buy 
Halfway house? 
Had an inclination 
Flour variety 
Fit for guard duty 
Even though, to Brits 
Creator in the Quran 
Covert call 
Chorus from toadies 
Chart inspiration 
Cell component 
Capital on the Hudson 
Campaign-contributing org 
Camel’s kin 
Cafeteria item 
Boor’s lack 
Bob’s frequent co-star 
Between, in Bordeaux 
Best Picture set in Iran 
Banister support 
Arbitrary orders 
Amber libation 
‘Who has what it takes to be a swabbie, tonight on NBC’? 
‘Store owners vie for return shoppers, tonight on CBS’? 
‘Something to Talk About’ singer 
‘Now I get it!’ 
‘Legal eagles help the poor, tonight on PBS’? 
‘Enough already!’ 
Years and years 
Wine variety 
Where Caterpillar is headquartered 
What’s brewing, maybe 
What sorcerers practice … or a hint to interpreting five clues in this puzzle 
Traitor in the Revolutionary War 
Thousand G’s 
Stock watcher’s network 
States of pique 
Starting progress, metaphorically 
Something you might hear in an empty building 
Punjabi for “disciple” 
Part of the Olympics logo 
Part of STEM: Abbr. 
Spanish for “table” 
Seder celebrants 
Santa ___ winds 
Runaway G.I. 
Recital pieces 
Pioneering computer operating system 
Party clothes 
Part of A.D. 
Opening number 
One of 2,297 for Hank Aaron, in brief 
Off-color, paradoxically 
Occupied, as a lav 
Not be a tightwad 
Musial in Cooperstown 
Like much of Montana 
Lead-in to zone 
It has a 50% chance 
Intangible feeling, informally 
I knew it all ___ 
I do, e.g. 
Holy text 
Hartford-based insurance giant 
Hangover feeling 
Gulf Coast catch 
Guard one’s bets 
Gains, as in the stock market 
Forte, on a score 
Fail as a night guard, say 
Experience anew 
Dismissive looks 
Dining table decorations 
Composer Thomas 
Common laborer 
Church chorus? 
Chocolate dogs 
Cars introduced with much fanfare on “E Day” 
Carry a balance 
Bird on a Froot Loops box 
Big oaf 
Big nits 
At the Milliner’s painter 
All fired up 
Airway or pipe 
Affirmative, ___, I read you (line in “2001: A Space Odyssey”) 
Actor Burton 
___-l’oeil (illusion) 
___ Taft Benson (1980s-’90s Mormon leader)